Sunday, November 11, 2007

Skibadee New Years Eve 2007

Check out the eFlyer for the Slammin' Vinyl new years eve 2007 event.
Slammin' Vinyl presents NYE-NEC - the 3rd and undoubtedly the largest edition so far of the New Year's Eve super rave is approaching. 5 huge arenas of state of the art 21st Century dance music

Friday, November 9, 2007

More Skibadee Lyrics

His classic streetfighter flow:
Enter With da Streetfighter,
Ryu, Ken inside da arena,
Haruken with the Fire, Hurricane kick you Require,
Bison, Honda, Blanka enter Rudeboy Vega,
Supa SNES or SEGA gonna get down with my Selecta,

Guile Sonic Boom no smile get down to this and Brockwile,
Its Wicked its one of a kind move to the beat Chun li Required,
Chun li my only Lady with the Fly Kick to the back of the Knee

And the autotrader lyric:
Enter, Autotrader Skibba tha Supplier,
Laguna Toyota MR2 Celica, Cavalier or Calibra, Astra or Fiesta,
Enter My Space Cruiser Dealin wit da Matter,
No Skoda Strada no Honda,
Mic Check Mazda, Nova or tha Corsa, Sierra or Frontera

Taken from MC Skibadee lyrics.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some Skibadee Lyrics

I found a thread over at DnB Arena with some of Skibadee's lyrics. View the thread here.

Also found some MC Skibadee Lyrics here, pretty nice.

Skibadee's official site

Skibadee's official site is and as you can see it doesn't have much to offer. Head on over and register, it might be up and running some time soon.

His official Myspace profile is here, it has some cool audio and photos. Also check out 1 MC Skibadee which is probably the best site for skibadee info, check out the videos section.

Welcome to the Skibadee blog!

This is the start of a blog about the Drum and Bass legend MC Skibadee. Skibadee's own site is a bit useless so I thought I would make a blog with links to Skibadee news, photos, mp3s and videos.